Launching January 31st!

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The wait for Andrew L. Anderson’s Strength of the Oak, Strength of the Willow will be a short one. Launching January 31st, you’ll soon be able to purchase your guide to true growth and lasting change. 

How to Find Courage & Compassion in a Turbulent World

With this book, you are saying no to negativity and YES to passion and faith. You have a choice between hopelessness and freedom. Choose freedom and join Andrew in Tamarack Lodge, ID, March 1st – 4th for his exclusive retreat! By joining the waitlist, you’ve been automatically registered for a chance to win FREE admission. Winners will be announced in February.

In his book, Andrew says, “With God’s enabling grace and my own deep conviction, I made a choice to defy those powers that were threatening to rob me of my inner freedom.” Discover the power of  transformation, love, and the importance of family, in your life with early access to the first chapter of the audiobook. 

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